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Nelson Mandela Death: A Look at South Africa’s First Black President

Monday, Dec. 9th 2013

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Opinion essay writing, writing for assessment

Friday, Nov. 29th 2013

Opinion essay writing, writing for assessment

1) Pros and Cons
Posted in the previous thread.
Pros and cons of controversial issues. Read pro and con arguments for and against topics such as medical marijuana, euthanasia, prostitution, and more
Very useful sites with a good choice of topics, plus video links!
Right Click the link below:
from my thread:

2) Prentice Hall – Automatic Essay Evaluation

2-1) School Vacations (Middle Grades)
Some people say that students should have one long summer vacation
each year. Other people think that students should have several short
vacations throughout the year. Which point of view do you agree with?

Writing for Assessment: School Vacations (Middle Grades)

2-2) Persuasive Letter to Your School Principal (High School)
Students learn many things when they are not in the classroom. Think
of a field trip that would be a learning experience for your whole
class. Write a letter to your principal that describes the field trip
and provides convincing reasons for why it would be an enriching
learning experience.

Writing for Assessment: Persuasive Letter to Your School Principal
(High School)

3) Links, Wiki pages

4) Persuasive Essay

Pearson – Prentice Hall WAG: Writing Types
Persuasive Essay

5) Pearson Prentice Hall: Web Codes

Scoring Rubric and Scored Models

Chapter 7
Scoring Rubric for Evaluating Persuasive Essays (PDF)
Scored Models for Persuasive Essays (PDF)

6) Guide to Grammar and Writing

Grammar Links
Guide to Grammar and Writing
This site, developed by Professor Charles Darling at Capital Community
College in Hartford, Connecticut, presents interesting instructional
materials and fun interactive activities on a wide range of grammar,
mechanics, and sentence structure topics.

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Ambassador Sato’s Presentation – IOC Tokyo

Friday, Sep. 27th 2013

五輪プレゼン!佐藤真海 感動スピーチ 日本語字幕付(^o^)丿

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Saturday, Jul. 20th 2013

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Monday, Jun. 10th 2013

Updated: 2009/07/20

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How to WordPress – YouTube Videos

Monday, Apr. 15th 2013

My Registered YouTube Videos on How to WordPress


cf. Another blog shows inframe but not here!!


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The Young Girl Who Silenced the World

Monday, Oct. 25th 2010

The Young Girl Who Silenced the World

In 1992 a girl tells grown-ups to think about the earth and the world’s children.

speeches, environment, global warming

Quiz by: Michele Chester

    The Young Girl Who Silenced the World

YouTube and Quizzes —

The following two options are hyperlinked to the  same site:

  1. view_quiz_inframe.php
  2. Or,

  3. The Young Girl Who Silenced the World

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iPad installation – Upgrade and Appli Windows(5) – 2010/7/29

Friday, Jul. 30th 2010

iPad installation – Upgrade and Appli Windows(5) – 2010/7/29 Click to view 6 still images in a slideshow

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Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing:

Friday, Jun. 5th 2009

Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing:

    A paper to read on June 6, 2009. Web 2.0 Technologies in Teaching EFL Writing: Class Blogs with Text to Speech (BlogCast) for Oral Presentation and Process Writing,” JALTCALL 2009, Toyo Gakuen University, Hongo Campus, Tokyo, Japan: June 5-7, 2009.

 This paper reports on a three-year pilot field study on the use of ‘Weblog,’ and ‘BlogCasting’ (text to speech Podcasting) for oral presentation and grading papers in EFL writing classes at a Japanese University.  The paper discusses the potentials of Weblogs in EFL language teaching, and the usefulness of such Web 2.0 technologies as RSS (Rich Site Summary or Real Simple Syndication) and text to speech technology.

  1. campus-
  2. slideshare logo PPT in SWF embedded from the slideshare site: Embedded below

    [slideshare id=1532670&doc=jalt2009-090604075121-phpapp01]

  3. Slidebroom ID in error or broken? slidebroom id – - [slideboom id=73242&w=425&h=370] - no plugin installed?, so will paste the links below:

    View more presentations or Upload your own.
  4. JALTCALL2009PPT in SWF at slideboom
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KGBlogCast Project 2008

Monday, Oct. 6th 2008

1. KGBlogCast WordPress:

1-1. KGLaw blogの使い方, Portal site:
1-2. 授業担当者 myasudakg

2. Blog sites: Fall, 2008


As of Nov. 4, 2008, registered students received in Freshmen class their own and new IDs and passwords in a hardcopy.[1回生で、下記のクラスサイトへ投稿する際には、新しいIDとパスワードが必要で、詳細は授業中に説明しました。欠席などで未受領の場合には、個人的に次回の授業で請求ください。]
2.1. WordPress – Freshmen 4時限クラス 2nd Period (2013) – since 2013
2.2. WordPress – Freshmen 3時限クラス 3rd Period (2012) – since 2012

2.3. 投稿練習1 for Freshmen 不定期的に削除されます。

2.4. WordPress – Sophomores Wednesday – 2nd period (2015)
2.5. WordPress – Sophomores Wednesday – 3rd period (2015)
2.6. WordPrsss – Sophomores-Challenge Tuesday 5th (2015) Period
2.7. 稿練習2 for Sophomores 不定期的に削除されます。

3. Odiogo xml sites: Fall, 2008

3.1. Odiogo – Freshmen 4時限クラス 2nd Period (2013) – New 2013
3.2. Odiogo – Freshmen 3時限クラス 3rd Period (2012) – OLD 2012

3.3. Odiogo – Sophomores Wednesday 2nd period(2013)

3.4. Odiogo – Sophomores Wednesday 3rd period(2013)


4.1 ●KGBlogCast Project 2008October, 2008How to post 911 assignments

4.2 発展学習サイト VOA – 10 September 2006.課題

次の追加メモは、大学の授業連絡ボード(LUNA) にアップ

  1. 作文課題は次の要領で投稿されたし。ワードのファイルの中身を貼り付けると投稿できます。静止画の貼り付けはちょっと工夫が必要です。
  2. なお、タイトルには必ず学生番号(半角算用数字4桁)を前に付加してください。実名、氏名の投稿は禁止。個人情報を自分で保護されたし。
  3. 要領: Blog投稿のタイトルの付加方法
  • 例:
    • 元タイトル: 911 and The World
    • 学生番号(e.g. 1234)を付加して、
    • 新タイトル:1234 911 and The World

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