0149 Auxiliary equipment of assistance.

              I will talk you about auxiliary equipment of wheel chair.  Though the wheelchair is an assistance tool, it has room for improvement in daily life because the wheelchair is assuming use in the plain. Then, I would like to introduce that it is auxiliary equipments that the wheelchair can use besides the plain. 

              First, it is lift arm. This auxiliary equipment can go over dump and ditch without borrowing other’s power by using a pendulum arm.

               Second, it is a backing prevention equipment. In slopes, when user rotates the handrim, the wheel of the wheelchair rotates backward and is very dangerous. This equipment prevents a rear rotation of the tire. If user had separated his hand from the handrim, it never falls backward. So user can climb the slope safely.

               The user becomes possible to act independently voluntarily without receiving the help through these auxiliary equipment. In addition, various effects are expected that the load of the family and those who help diminish,etc. Spread is desired by such point in the future.Thank you for listening.

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    These are very useful functions. These functions can resolve usual dissatisfaction which is felt by a person in a wheelcahir.
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