0149 English and Myself

              I don’t like leaning English. However, I have no special reasons. I am not good at English. So I dislike English. There are two personal reasons .

              First, I was often told by teachers and parents, “You need English skills in your life. If you do not study English, you cannot work in the society in the future.” But I wonder how many people who mastered English are in Japan. I think there are little people like people who mastered English in Japan. If we really need English skills, we have to study more. I think Education of English in Japan is vague.

              Second, I haven’t met a good English teacher so far. You might say that I don’t have a motivation. But a role of good teacher is very important for beginners. I felt happy when I begin to study German newly because a German teacher is very good. When I was a junior high student, I didn’t understand the difference of meaning between “thing” and “think”. Unlike math and Japanese, English is not easy to understand for me.

              I lost an interest in English for these reasons. I think the way to start and how to learn are important.

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  1. 0155 より:

    Your opinion is very interesting for me.
    You show the problom in English education.
    I think this point is ture.
    We need to improve English education.