2751 ~About a Press of Japan~

 The synchronized terrorist attacks in September 11 two thousand one was first terrorism using airplanes.

So this affair shocked the whole world.  

 In those days,Japanese news programs had reported the damage of Typhoon No.15 and 16 in September 11. But ten o’clock in the afternoon ,they were to be replaced by special programs.

These news were not entirely to right , so people were confused.

The mourning programs of 911 had broadcasted every year until 2011.

But this year was not broadcasted them. One of the reason is conspiracy theory of America. And the other side, some people say that this affair came to an end. Because Osama bin Laden of al-Qaida’s ringleader was killed in this May.

 But the real facts of the case are still cloaked in mystery.

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  1. 24012744 より:

    Press of Japan is terrible.

  2. 24012756 より:

    You know where to look. I think that this presentation poses an interesting and necessary question to mass media.

  3. 24012749 より:

    Your speech is very interesting.
    911 attcks must remain many conspiracy.

  4. 24012783 より:

    It is interesting. I didn’t remember how japanese press reported.

  5. 24012779 より:

    I thought the mass media should tell the truth to us more.