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English and Myself

When I was a junior high school student, I liked English the best and I thought I was good at English.  However, as I learned English at high school in strict mood, l realized I considered English boring and difficult.  So I became to study less hard and I couldn’t enjoy studying English.  Thus my score of English became lower and lower.  But I remained liking class of ECC, which was done presentations, shadowing and so on.  So I was motivated by the class.  When I began to study for entrance examinations, I faced English with enthusiasm again.  I found how to understand English easier and many interesting points of English.  Now, I can enjoy learning English but I remain thinking I am poor at English.  So I want to think I am good at English and I want to speak and understand naturally.

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  1. 24013019 より:

    Your attitude about English studying is very wonderful.
    I think so very much.
    You are very wonderful person.

  2. 24013009 より:

    I think that English is interesting but it is difficult to study.
    But now you can enjoy leaning English. This is the most important things.
    So you will good at English and your score will up and up!

  3. 24013025 より:

    I am not good at English.
    You speak English very fluently.
    Please teach me this time.

  4. 24013026 より:

    Your attitude to study of English is nice.
    I am not good at English, too.
    I want to speak English,well. Let’s enjoy English together!