3031-English and Myself

In all honesty, I don’t like studying English.  I’ve been studying English since I was a junior high school student.  In there, English classes were easy for me because English grammar and words that I had to learn were not so much.    But high school English grammar was so complicated that I couldn’t understand very much.  What were worse, words which had to memorize for the entrance examinations were too many. That’s why my thinking about English turned around after I entered high school.

However, I think English itself is interesting and important for our lives.  To tell the truth, we use many English words without knowing it every day, for example, TV, news, sports, shirts and others, so I believe we can’t live without using English now Furthermore, lately, a lot of companies are looking for those who are good at speaking or reading English, what is called “Kokusaijin”, so I suppose that if I can’t speak or read English at all, I don’t find a good job.

That’s why I try to study English hard at this University not to be in trouble in the future.  But my teacher said, “If you want to improve English, that reason isn’t suitable”.  I believe he is quite right and think I should change my thinking again.

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  1. 24013026 より:

    I am not good at English,too. I am poor at English especially grammer.
    I sympathied with your opinion. We should study English for our future.
    It is very difficult for me!!

  2. 24013029 より:

    Hi, your sentence is interesting.
    I am also not good at English.
    And I think often use many English words without knowing it every day.

  3. 24013033 より:

    Hello, I read a sentence you wrote.
    That you are wondering poor English was surprising me.
    I want to apprentice the ability to think with your, the cause.

  4. 24013001 より:

    I also think that if I can’t speak or read English at all, I don’t find a good job.
    So, I want to improve English skills. I hope that we can speak or read English more fluently for the future. 3001