3034 – English and Myself

     I started to study English in elementary school.  Those days, a used only simple word.  So, I could enjoy studying English. But, as time passed, I gradually disliked English.  The reason is that studying English became more and more difficult.  When I was a junior high school student, my method of studying English was memorizing the whole page and reading aloud text book in English.  Thanks to it, I was doing well at school.  However, my method didn’t hold well in high school.  I should have added studying English grammar to it.  I felt English grammar complex and difficult.  Then, I was negative to English and hate English.

     But I noticed the fun of studying English when I was a student preparing for an examination.  Because I brush up my English from the beginning and I could understand the authentic English.  After all, the source of the trouble was a lack of efforts.

     I have thought the most important thing in studying English since I started to study English.  I became aware of this recently.  This is autonomy.  In other words, I have to solve the problems by my will.  In college, if I keep this felling in mind, I can make rapid progress in English.

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  1. 24013030 より:

    Hello, you are so great writer!! I understand how you think English studying.
    I hope that you will study english very hard. Oops, you are wise.

  2. 24013027 より:

    Hello. Your sentence is very logical. I am surprised for your will.
    I think you eagerly learn English in proffessor YASUDA and HIROSE’s classes.

  3. 24013022 より:

    I’m surprised that you started to study English. I think studying English made you give a advantage. I’m sure that you will become good English speaker someday.