3007-English and Myself

 I started to learn English since junior high school.  I thought that English was very difficult.  But, my impression was wrong.  I liked English at once.  I wanted to speak English fluently, so I studied English very hard in junior high scool days.  And I thought that I would like to study special Engish in high school.  This is why I entered an international high school. But, the level of English in high school was so high that I couldn’t follow English classes.  So, I felt that English was not interesting and easy.  I disliked English for the first time.  Our high school offered English an hour more than regular courses every day.  And our teacher imposed us English homework every day.  The homework was very difficult and complex, so I disliked English more and more those days.  But, I was attracted to English again.  First, I met an English teacher who was very kind and clever.  He taught me to understand English easily.  His explanation was so clear that I understood English gradually.  Second, thanks to him, I started to enjoy studying English even for a university examination.  This is why I love English now!!

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  1. 24013010 より:

    I don`t like English now.
    So I respect you that you like English.
    Please teach me English.

  2. 24013013 より:

    I like English too.
    I want to take an English class in your high school.
    Please talk about English class in your high school !

  3. 24013018 より:

    When I was a child, I don’t like English.
    But I like English now.
    Let’s do our best together!

  4. 24012004 より:

    Thank you comment on my essay!
    I like English too.
    We should enjoy to stady English.