3011- English and Myself

I was 12 years old when I began to study English.  Since then I liked English.  Of course it was not easy for me to learn English words, but I still liked English.  More words I learned, the more joy I felt in studying English.  When I became the high school student, I had to study English harder.  But I was happy because I liked English.  But other students were disappointed.  Although English words that I had to learn increased and became more difficult, I didn’t feel negative.  Rather, I wanted to learn more and more English words.  I studied English not only textbooks but also movies and TV dramas.  Then I wanted to go abroad and study English and culture.  But I didn’t go abroad.  So in university, I want to go abroad.  I must take TOEIC and TOEFL tests so that I go and study abroad.  So I study English harder than before.  I think textbooks or classes are necessary for studying of English but movies or TV dramas are more useful.  Some day, I want to watch movies in English without reading subtitles.  All the more I must study English and love English to realize my dreams.

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  1. 24013010 より:

    I respect your ability of English!
    I have never seen a foreign drama.
    So I am going to watch a foreign drama.


  2. 24013002 より:

    You have good English ability.
    I like watching foreign drama too.
    Learning English word is very good thing.

  3. 24013007 より:

    I like English too!
    I felt that your English grammer is so smart that I could understand easily.
    I want you to teach me!!