3016-English and Myself

English and Myself
I disliked English first, because I was never good in English. However, I came to like English and I studied English hard, when I started studying seriously for a university entrance exam. Then I memorized English words for the first time and started learning grammars. But the scores did not readily rise. Getting advices from a teachers, I learned how to read long English sentences.
Next, I thought studying English every day is essential. The more seriously I studied, the more I liked English. Luckily I passed an entrance exam for the university. I feel the importance of the English more and more. In many countries in the world, English is used as an official language now. In some major companies here in Japan, English is the official language on the job. I think that the Japanese society needs English.
I would like to study English more and to travel various countries in the future.

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  1. 24013008 より:

    I think that everyday’s study is essential too. But I think that most important things in terms of English study is listening session. Because when we go abroad, we must talk with foreign people.

  2. 24013010 より:

    I was also disliked and poor at English.
    I think that your efforts deserve praise.
    Let`s study English with me.

  3. 24013018 より:

    I didn’t like English too.
    But Your efforts is very good!
    I also do my best!