3024- English and Myself

It is necessary for me to study English. I want to take job using English.  So I felt I had to study English. I did not study English, because I was lazy even now.  I thought studying English was not important. I thought it was not necessary for me to study English in a junior high school and high school.  I did not have to take an entrance examination. So I had not studied English.

My reason why I study English is that I like foreign ladies.  When I saw foreigners, I thought that they was cute.  I want to marry an American woman.  The opportunity is increased by going abroad.  There are more opportunities in America.  So I want to live in a foreign country.  English is necessary to live in a foreign country.  I thought I’d learn English.

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  1. 24013037 より:

    I hope you will make a success of working abroad. It must be necessary for you to master English if you want to get married with someone from foreign country.

  2. 24013037 より:

    I hope you will get married with someone beautiful from foreign country. And could you please invite me if you would have a wedding ceremony in foreign country ??

  3. 24013009 より:

    I think that Engligh is not easy subject for us to study English.
    But if you want to marry with foreigner in the future, you have to speak English. So English is the most important language in this world.
    And I think if we speak English fuluently, it must be interesting speak with foreigner!

  4. 24013038 より:

    Your article is very intresting for me.
    I hope you will live in a foreign country with an American woman.