3038-English and Myself

I do not like English since I studied English at first.  It is because I was not able to understand the explanation of an English teacher at the junior high school.  I did not have the exam of the high school to pass, so I avoided English until I became the third grade of high school.  But, I had to study English to enter the university.  It was very difficult to memorize English words and to learn English grammar.Recently globalization is advancing and English is becoming required.  Now I consider about my future and I know the need of English as social tools and I want to study it hard in the university.  Because I dislike listening and speaking in particular, I mainly try to study it.  I would like to go abroad to study for exchange.  So I will score TOEFL IBT test. I believe I can widen my outlook on life by studying abroad and English can extend my possibility.  Finally when I graduate this university, I will acquire English to use in the world.  It is my dream.

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  1. 24013037 より:

    Hello. I think you don’t like English so much.
    But I hope you will go abroad to study,
    And you would like English!

  2. 24013036 より:

    I don’t like English too. So your thinking can understand very well.
    We should study harder than now.
    I am not going to go abroad.
    But I need to understand English too.
    So We should study it.

  3. 24013035 より:

    Hi, your dream is great!
    I will want to go abroad to study for exchange.
    And I will score TOEFL IBT test.
    I hope that your dream come true.

  4. 24013039 より:

    Hello, I also study English hard and want to go abroad. I will make an effort to improve English. I hope that your English skill will improve and you will go abroad.

  5. 24013024 より:

    It is a very good dream.
    I think studying abroad is good to study English.
    Please wear the English that you can use in the world to study English at university.