English and Myself-3010

 I went to the English-language cram school for eight years from the second grader in an elementary school to the third grader in a junior high school. I was able to study for English official approval, and the summer vacation, I was able to participate in the exchange meeting with a native speaker there. Therefore, I liked English until I became a high school student. But I neglected study, English score have fallen and English has been my weak point. In order to I may pass the Kwansei Gakuin University, I restudied English. It was days immersed in English during the summer vacation of 2012. It was the time which studied English most in the life of mine. At the result, I was able to pass the Kwansei Gakuin University. Moreover, I was able to take 90 percent of mark in the entrance examination of English of Kansai University. However, I have recognized University requires linguistic capacity of English of a higher level than a high school. My next target is gaining a high score at the trial examination of TOEFL. I would like to maintain the volition in which study English.

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  1. 24013008 より:

    Me too. I also want to require linguistic capacity. I approve your opinion. If I neglect studying English, my capacity of English skills will fall. So I will study English every day!.

  2. 24013016 より:

    I disliked English.But your efforts deserve praise.I would like to travel adroad together some day. And I want to win you by toiec.From now on , lets do our dest in English together.

  3. 24013007 より:

    I felt your passion toward English.
    I didn’t that you love English so much.
    Your English grammer was so great that I could understand easiliy.