English and myself


English and myself

3013 Azuma Takahide

              I began studying English for the first time in junior high school days.  My first impression with English was fun.  Then I was good at English.  I scored high scores on English tests, so I began to like studying English.  However, one day we learned the unit ‘huteishi’ at school.  I could not understand ‘huteishi’ well.  After that, I was not good at English.  My parents said to me, “You must go to a cram school,”  because my English test score was down.  The cram school where I went to give me good chance. I met ‘a Savior’ for English at the cram school.  ‘A Savior’ was the teacher whose name was K.  His lesson was very fun and easy to understand.  So, I understood ‘huteishi’ well !  I became good at English again.  I was still grateful to him for teaching me English.

              Next, when I was a high school student, the English classes were different from those in junior high school.  I studied English harder than when I was junior high school days, because the English classes were difficult.  The result is that I got interested in English and passed an examination.

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  1. 24013018 より:

    I was also poor at grammer.
    But now, I like English very much.
    Let’s do our best!

  2. 24013010 より:

    Your sentence is easy to read and clearly.
    Please teach me that how to study English.

  3. 24013002 より:

    I sympathize with your sentence.
    I liked English claasses at first too.
    I think that your English is very good.