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    I used to like English, but it wasn’t so special for me. The reason why I started studying English was a movie named “Roman Holiday.” When I was 14, I watched it. In “Roman Holiday,” my favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, showed up in beautiful and charming costumes. I’m not sure how many times I’ve enjoyed watching this movie. When I read a book written by Natsuko Toda, translator, I knew that “some captions don’t follow the English scripts word for word, because there is a limit in the number of characters for each caption.” I wanted to enjoy movies without any language barrier. So I started working on English harder.

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  1. 24013017 より:

    This story impressed me! If studying English were just duty, we couldn’t get skill of English so much. However, enjoying English because of something (movies, books, and so on) would make us get better quality of skills.

  2. 24013025 より:

    I did not know that you will like the English.
    I have never seen the “Roman Holiday” is me.
    Let’s together now.

  3. 24013009 より:

    If we watch the English movie, we may be want to study English harder than now.
    So I want to see a lot of the foreigns movie.
    Let’s enjoy learning English together!

  4. 24013021 より:

    I have watched translated movies. But I have tought I sould watch movies in English. I’ll try to watch “Roman Holiday” in English.
    I don’t like English. So I want to like English like you.