English and Myself


English and Myself
24013027 Seiya Takigawa
     When I was an elementary school student, I learned English for the first time. The teacher of the class taught it to us by communicating with us, so the class was very lively. But it was difficult for me to understand what the teacher said, but I was excited to learn it.

     After a few years, I enrolled in the school, and started learning grammar of English. I felt it was meaningless, and the class was so boring. Although English was the very important subject for students, I disliked studying it and had poor knowledge of it.

     When I was admitted to enroll in a high school, I disliked English still. But, I had to study it, because I wanted to pass the entrance exams of colleges. Now, I am a college student, I don’t like English. But, through studying for university admission exam, My English grade had improved and I get many knowledge of it, so I can read and understand many sentences in English. Now I slightly like English!

     According to newspapers, public opinions or globalization, we need to learn more English skills. Now a quarter of world population use English. If I mastered English, I could make myself understood and make many friends from various countries. I am very eager to acquire English

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