3022 English and Myself

When I was a junior high school student, I did not like English.  Rather I remember that disliked English.  I did not like English even after entering high school.  Naturally I did not study a subject nor enjoyed it.  Since I did not study English, bad marks on the test.

The turning point came, when I was a senior at high school.  Friends around me began to buy an English vocabulary notebook in April.  And I bought an English vocabulary notebook too.  I imitated friends and only read an English vocabulary notebook somehow first.  And, I became able to answer questions on long passages which I did not like, as I learned English words.  I came to like studying English when I knew the pleasure of solving English questions.  The more I enjoyed study English, the higher scores I got.  After I graduated from a high school, I like English very much.

I have a dream that I talk with foreigners.  To realize this end, I have to learn how to make myself understood in English.  Besides, it is important for me to deepen knowledge and the understanding of foreign countries.  In short, I want to deepen not only the English ability but also the understanding of the
foreign culture from now on.

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  1. 24013034 より:

    Hi, your sentence is simple and interesting to me. I understand the reason why you like English. I think that you had an goood experience when you were a high school student. Besides, your dream is great. But, I wanted to refer to a method for understanding of the foreign culture. Bye.

  2. 24013035 より:

    I could understand that the reason why you like English very much. Since I studied English with English vocabulary notebook at high school, I sympathized your pleasure of solving English questions. I think that your dream is great. I also am interested in foreign culture. So I wish to come true your dream.

  3. 24013030 より:

    Hello, your sentence is very interesting for me, and I think so, too. I also want to talk with foreigners. Thas, You and I have to study English hard, now. I hope that you realize your dream.

  4. 24013027 より:

    Hello, I read your sentence, and I feel you made effort to lean Eligibsh. I hope that your dream which get along with foreigners
    come true soon.