3030 English and Myself

I have studied English since I was a junior high school student.  Thus, it is for six years when I have learned this language.  Now, I want to tell you about what I thought of English when I was in my junior high school and high school.

In junior high school, I studied English for the first time.  Then, I thought that English was easy and fun.  I used to speak daily English, for example, “This is a pen. Is this your pen?”  I enjoyed speaking English or writing English words.  However, when I was in the 9th grade, I had to study English for entrance exam of my high school.  Perhaps, then I
thought that all I had to do is to memorize a lot of English words and many grammar rules.  Maybe, the idea that English is for exams had rooted in my brain.

In high school, I had to read long sentences so quickly.  If I could not do that, I could not understand lessons and pass the entrance exam of Kwansei Gakuin university.  Then I thought English sentences are not the authors’ messages but to solve problems only.

These days, my ideas are changing greatly, thanks to Mr. Yasuda and Mr. Hirose.  English is a language.  English is not a tool of exam but a tool of communication with foreigners.  I will want to use the tool correctly.

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  1. 24013034 より:

    Hi, you are lucky boy. You can meet the great teachers who turn your way of thinking about English. It’s a wonderful encounter. I wish you use English to communicate with foreigners. Bye.

  2. 24013028 より:

    Hi, you are cool boy. When you were high school student, you must had studied very hard. I hope that you make use of English to communicate for future. Bye.

  3. 24013027 より:

    Hello. To my surprise, you liked English when you were a junior high school student. I am poor at English so I respect you.
    In English class, you take part in class eagerly. I think you are excellent student.