3036English and Myself


I started learning English when I was an elementary school student.  It took classes of English conversation by
native speakers at elementary school.  I felt happy at that time.  The classes were held once or twice a year as I recall.

But I had not like English when I was junior high school student.  The reason why I felt so is grammar. I had notlearned it well.  So it was too difficultfor me.  Since English is my weak subject.  this situation lasted until the third grade in high school.

But this situation was changed by a teacher at a private school.  He taught me very kindly.  So English became my strongsubject. But I only took scores in entrance exams.  I cannot understand English even now.  So university English classes are very difficult.  But I want to understand andspeak it, because I will be expected to be good at English when I graduate thisschool and start working at society.  So I want to study English more than ever before and master at least a minimum necessary of English in society while I am student.

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  1. 24013039 より:

    Hello, your sentence is not difficult to read, because you use simple words. But there are some mistakes in your sentence. That’s a pity! Thanks to your teacher at a private school, you have overcome an English. It’s great!

  2. 24013038 より:

    Hello,It is easy to understand your sentence for me.
    I feel English class of the university is very difficult,too.
    We must try really hard to study English.

  3. 24013035 より:

    Hi, I think that your will which you understand English in university is wonderfull. I sympathise your will very much. And, I can understand that you thank a teacher at a private school. You are happy meeting the teacher.