2429English and Me

I started studying English when I entered a  junior high school. I had to memorize many words and complex grammer rules at English classes. And, Iwas so shy that I could not express myself in my presentations. Moreover, I have to trouble in translating English into Japanese.

That is why I was very depressed, as a result, I do not like English.

But I will have to  take English more seriously. That is why It is necessary for people, especially ESL learners to study English. That is because, if we do not study English, we would not understand global affairs very well.

To simply put, English is a key to make  the world more peaceful and brimful of happiness.We have the misssion tha makes the world a better place.   So, I will study English harder. If possible, I want to study abroad.

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  1. 24013020 より:

    I think studying abroad is very wonderful.
    I want to study English harder too.

  2. 24013038 より:

    Certainly English is important in the world.
    So I support your thinking about studying English.

  3. 24013015 より:

    I can do idetify oneself with your experience.
    But, I think you can do English.
    I want to study English you.