3009English and Myself

“Do you like English?” I will answer “Yes”.    But I can not answer why I want to study English now and what is my final goal.  It is because I only did homework to study English as a subject.

But I learned the most important things at college.   It is not the real meaning of learning English to get good scores.   I was  surprised  to hear this word in English at college.   It is because I thought like this for a long time.   I thought that grades are the most important for us.    So I studied only homework to study English.

But I realized real meaning of learning English by this homework about “English and Myself”.

I think that it is necessary for me enjoy studing English and I want to know about foreign music and food, culture and so on.   And I want to interested in English.

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  1. 24013014 より:

    “What do you study English for?” To date, we haven’t spent a great deal of time thinking about the question. But now we have the good fortune of learning and thinking about English. We should be extremely grateful to “English and Myself.”

  2. 24013017 より:

    I think you are happy to realize that getting better score isn’t the most important thing. This note would make you blush up your skill of English. Finally, you will have a iood comand of English:)

  3. 24013026 より:

    Youe attitude is very nice. I want to follow a your example.
    I want to say that I am good at English, I love English.
    Let’s study English hard.

  4. 24013003 より:

    I hadn’t think why we learn English,too.
    I want to think how to use English from now.
    Let’s study English together!

  5. 24013004 より:

    Your sentence was interesting.
    And I also think that it is necessary for me enjoy studing English.
    Let’s do our best together to improve English.

  6. 24012004 より:

    I think you are lucky girl.
    You enjoy to study English.

  7. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is easy to understand.
    And, I also want to enjoy studing English. So, I hope that we can speak and read English more fluently in the future.