3028 – English and Myself


I’m going to study English very hard to achieve of dreaming. When I was a high school student, I had regarded English as something that we didn’t have to study hard because English isn’t necessary for me to live in Japan and I hadn’t had a desire to study English. But I wanted to go to university because my friend told me why I don’t go to university with him. I started to study English very hard. I memorized English words and idioms, and studied grammar to read English sentences, so that I entered in Kwansei Gakuin.

But now, I have another problem. It is that I have very limited reading skills in English.  When it comes to speaking, I can’t speak English. When I attended Y classes for the first time I got so surprised that I realized that I have to study English much harder than before. Also, when I visited “I.S.A” club that they have a purpose of international exchange, I saw that the club members could speak English very fluently and they have clearly goals for future. I wanted to be like them. I wanted to improve my reading, listening and speaking, so that I can realize my dream. If I haven’t challenged it, I couldn’t master English. Someday, I wanted to go to America by myself. Until then I have to improve my English skills.(231words)

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  1. 24013034 より:

    Hi, you are a logical writer. I somehow realize what you saying. But, it is little difficult for me to read your sentence. I think that the grammar of ‘because’ is an error. Bye.

  2. 24013029 より:

    Your sentence is very interesting.
    I also want to speak English very fluently.
    I hope that you will improve your English skills and realize your dream.

  3. 24013027 より:

    Hello. Your sentence is very interesting. You have clear dreams, and in order to realize your dreams, you belong to I.S.A. I think your attitude toward your dream is so great.