3029English and Me

I used not to like English when I was in junior high school.  But, my favorite Japanese band sang the songs in English, so I wanted to study English and to understand the meanings of the lyrics.  Then, I started to study English after I entered a high school.  And I began to like English a little.

           I started to be interested in reading English books. I have come to wish to go abroad and study English literature someday.  I will try to go abroad in my college days and meet people who are from different culture.  I think that it is fun for me to communicate with such people because there are many possibilities that I can find new things.

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  1. 24013014 より:

    Music and books are already spreading across international borders. Such things provide a spark for us to learn English. If you try hard for your dreams,you will have a happy life. It’s so exciting,don’t you think?

  2. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is very good. And, I like western music. So, I also want to understand the meanings of the lyrics and study English literature someday. I wish that communicating with people who are from different culture is fun for you. 3001

  3. 24013031 より:

    Lately, many singers write words for their songs in a mixture of Japanese and English, so let’s study English together to enjoy these songs! I hope we will be good at English.

  4. 24013028 より:

    Hi,your sensence is very interesting. I think that you have a good dream and goal. It is envy for me that you have a clear goal because I don’t have clear goal. I hope that you achive your goal.

  5. 24013033 より:

    Hello, I read a sentence you wrote.
    I am also not good at English as you. And I’m going to study English at a university in the same way as you.
    Let’s work together!

  6. 24013004 より:

    Your sentence was interesting.
    It has a meaning to learn English. And I also want to go abroad and study English literature someday. Let’s do our best together to improve English.

  7. myasudakg より:

    Do not spread the same comments all over. Please delete the comments of the same wording. You shall receive no credit if you do know follow my instructions!! It is not really ethical to post the same comments to your classmates.
    Chao, MY
    Nice articles!
    I understood better.
    I hope that this incident never happens.