3035 English and Myself

My dream is traveling around the world and getting a job in which I can put my experience abroad to good use.  I thought that I could speak English from young days.  Since English is a global language now, to study English is more important to me than ever before.

But I have continued avoiding studying English.  It is my favorite subject and is also my weak subject.  Especially I don’t have good skills of hearing English at all.  So I cannot join the English study group, although I am interested.  Since the group has many people who are good in English, and people who have experienced the life overseas in the group, I feel shameful when interchanging with them.  I thought that this shyness was bad.  But I did not act for overcoming myself at all until now.  Sometimes I was disgusted with myself.

I want to overcome my weak point about English, while I am a university student.  So I wish to go to foreign countries.  I want to
experience foreign culture there.  If I were interested in it, I would study English positively.  Finally, if I studied English as hard as possible, my dream would come true.

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  1. 24013037 より:

    Hello. Your sentence is easy to read.
    Me too. I’d love to travel around the world.
    I hope your dream will come true. Good luck.

  2. 24013036 より:

    Reading your sentence , I think so.
    I also should do it.
    I don’t like to travel around the world.
    But I hope you to study English harder.

  3. 24013039 より:

    Hello, it is very easy for me to read your sentence, because there are many fundamental words in your sentence. I am also poor at English, but I have interesting it. If you want to go abroad, you must make an effort. May your dream come true!

  4. 24013038 より:

    Hello, I read your article.
    I hope you will conquer listening skill and travel abroad.
    Hang in there!