3039 English and Myself

First of all, I don’t like English much. There are many English words which we often use in life. I must memorize these. And the grammar of English is complicated. So it is very difficult to study English. English lessons are required at  junior high and  high schools. I also have to learn it at a university. In a junior high school, to study it was not very difficult for me, but in a high school, I was confused much, as the words which I had to memorize increased. I surely wanted to learn English very hard.

Why do we study English? I think that it is certainly useful to get a job, because English is the common language in the world. When we go abroad, we will be able to use it. If I can use this language well, I will make some profit. For example, when I use English, I look cool. When I watch movies, I can watch them without subtitles. When I have a trouble in foreign countries, I can have someone help me. Therefore, I want to be able to speak English properly. We need have a curiosity in speaking English well. For me, English is an essential tool to succeed in the future.

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  1. 24013036 より:

    I was confused to English in high school too. So I can understand your thinking.
    I hope you to master English and succeed your future. I am encouraged by your sentence.

  2. 24013035 より:

    Hi, your sentence is understood easy for me. I thought that there were many English words which I have to memorize. And, I also want to study English hard in university. Lets study English with me.

  3. 24013038 より:

    Hello,I read your article.
    Actually, It is difficult to memorize English words.
    But there are many good points to acquire English.
    I hope you will master English.