3002 English and Myself

I was exposed to English in elementary school for the first time.  At the time, I liked English classes because English classes were like a game.  At the time, I thought that English classes were not studying but playing games.

When I was junior high school student, English classes were still easy.  I liked English classes.  But, when I was high school student, English classes were getting difficult, so I didn’t like English much.

But, at the time when I studied English for an examination, I studied English very hard and I was able to read English texts little by little.  Then, I became to like English classes again.  I gradually liked to read English texts.  At the same time, my English scores were getting higher and higher.  I often heard that English scores quickly improve. When I studied English for examinations, I felt that the rumor is true.

Today, English classes are very difficult for me. I am not good at writing or speaking English. But, I want to become good at English so I will study English very hard.

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  1. 24013018 より:

    I agree to your opinion. When I was reading this passage, I felt easy.
    Because English classes are difficult for me to.
    Let’s do our best together.

  2. 24013013 より:

    I liked English classes like a game too.
    In fact, English classes in university is difficult for me too.
    Let’s study English hard each other!!!

  3. 24013011 より:

    I think this sentence is easy to understand.
    I understand relationship between english and you.
    I hope your step up of english.