English and Myself


English and Myself

3008 Ryota Mase

              Since I was high school student, I have studied English in terms of grammar and vocabulary. So I have memorized a lot of English words and grammar to get high scores in school examination. But I think the most important thing in English ability is conversation. It is because when I go abroad, I have to talk with foreigners. Then, I need ability that I haven’t learned in junior high school and high schools. So even if I go to USA, I won’t be able to talk with foreigner. Because I entered Kwansei Gakuin University to improve “conversation” ability. I want to go to US as exchange student. It is Because that I want to talk with foreigners.  And someday I want go abroad to work at the company in oversea and make American girlfriends. Finally I want to say, “My mother tongue is English!”

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  1. 24013016 より:

    I felt that an admiration toward your English was great .
    If you study abroad and come to be able to take about English, I think that it is splendid . Let’s enjoy English togther .

  2. 24013005 より:

    Your attitude about English studying is very wonderful.
    I think so very much.
    You are very wonderful person.

  3. 24013006 より:

    Your sentense is very interesting.
    You will be able to make American girlfriends.
    I also want.

  4. myasudakg より:

    Your title has NO idno, 4 digit numbers!

    Please delete your private info. To protect yourself!