3019 Assistive Technology -3


I’d like to tell you about kizuna bottom.  This is the new type of machine to look after elderly people who live alone.

         It has three roles. It helps on emergency. When they want someone to help them, all they have to do is to push the bottom!! If they don’t push the kizuna bottom for a long time, the staff is called. It helps to make an early discovery of dementia. When they use it in a wrong way many times, the staff is called, they forget the date, or quickly to get emotional, the staff can judge if the patient has dementia.

         Thus, kizuna bottom makes the elderly people not protective, but to be willing to help themselves. The technology makes the society which sends a message in person “I’m fine!” it’s kizuna bottom !

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  1. 24013015 より:

    It is very interesting assistive technology.
    Finger language don’t need to popularize that assistive echnology.

  2. 24012429 より:

    It is great in that makes the bond between parent and children.
    I think Kizuna is one of the wonderful words.