3013 Activities of a guide dogs in 9.11

               On September 11th, 2001, the airplanes which members of al-Qaida hijacked flew into the WTCT. This incident is known as 9.11. When this incident happened, guide dogs went to rescue possible survivors into the towers, because they have a good sense of smell to find a human in the rubble. They found the survivors desperately in a heap of rubble. Thank to them many survivors were rescued. But many guide dogs breathed in a toxic substance in the air.After all, they died of a toxic substance. We should never forget 350 guide dogs to rescue the survivors in 9.11.

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  2. 24013005 より:

    I think this text is very interesting.
    So,it is very easy for me to listen.
    Thank you

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    Your focus is so unique.
    Dogs are indispensable to our life.

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    Your sentence is simply!
    So, I could understand easily.
    And thank you for your comment on my essay.

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    Your theme is very interesting.
    I think guide dogs are very smart.
    I support guide dog’s actibity.

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    After reading your sentences, I was very impressed by guide dogs.
    I think all dogs are faithful. For example, I have a golden retriever.
    When I am sad, my dog surely comes near me.
    I firmly believe dogs are obedient for human beings and pray for the repose of the dogs which died of a toxic substance.

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    I did not know that the dog was playing such an important role.
    The dog is useful in various scenes and is a really wise animal.
    I think that your viewpoint is wonderful.