2429 911-the Tragedy


In 2001, Islamic terrorist Al-Qaeda attacked the World Trade Center.   This incident is called the synchronized terrorist attacks of 911.   The World Trade Center collapsed and many people died.    When 911 happened, I was 7 -year-old.  Although I was very small, I was shocked to hear the news.   Afetr 911, the new building called the freedom tower  broke ground at Ground Zero, where stood the World Trade Center. Though the arguments  about  the economic load of the freedom tower is continued, the revival of Ground Zero advances steadily.  I believe the tragedy should not be repeated and everyone will have a peaceful life.

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  1. 24013024 より:

    I also hope that terrorism like 911 did not occur again.
    I know this incident, I felt even more the importance of a peaceful life.

  2. 24013039 より:

    Your simple sentence is easy to read.
    I was six years when this incident happened. But I don’t remember it. Your memory is nice. I hope that the world is peace.

  3. 24013031 より:

    Your English is simple, so I understood very much! Thank you.
    When 911 happened, I was a young, so I didn’t understand.
    But now, I think that the incident is too terrible.

  4. 24013013 より:

    This sentense is very good.
    I think that such incident will never happen in the future.

  5. 24013036 より:

    I hope so.
    peacefull is most important things.
    I sure that world peace come someday.