3006 About 9.11

 9.11 is a very serious incident. But I didn’t know very much about 9.11. So I began to look up about 9.11. And I found that there is a conspiracy theory about 9.11.

 Terrorists controlled a jet airplane for the first time in life.  But they controlled a jet airplane at 840km per an hour of the full speed. I thought that amateurs cannot operate airplane so easily. So it is said that the airplane was remote-controlled by somebody.

 In this way, there are some mysteries about 9.11. When all these things are revealed, the truth of the case will become clear.

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    It is very admirable text!
    It is very simple and clearly.
    He is so smart. Thank you.

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    I think that 911 is a very serious incident, too.
    Airplane was a very terrible vehicle.
    Thank you for your comment on my essay.

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    I didn’t know 9.11’s details.
    Your essay is easy to understand.

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    Your sentence is very good!
    Your sentence is easy to understand for me.
    Thank you.

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    I think your view is nice.
    We must not forget 911.
    Thank you for your comment!