3019 9.11

      12 years have passed since this tragedy of 911. It was the worst attack in the United States, and about 3,000 persons passed away.

      Since this attack took place on September 11, we call it 911. The terrorists threatened with arms, made two airplanes sets collide with the twin towers of the World Trade Center under rule of four airplanes, and collapsed the buildings which were the highest building in New York.

      If there is a view the United States has fabricated behind 911, a prudent examination is required about a possible U.S military intervention to Syria.

      But, the most important thing is “Not forget that day.”

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  1. 24013017 より:

    I think we must not remember that day, too. And we should learn from this experience.

  2. 24013020 より:

    I think that we must not forget this incident too.
    It is so terrible.
    Your English is good.

  3. 24013039 より:

    It was hard to read a little paragraph of his last. But that contents were good when I understood it. Especially I am pleased with the last sentence:Not forget that day.

  4. 24013037 より:

    I think your article is easy to read.
    So I could understand what you wanted to say.
    I agree with you. We will never forget the worst day.

  5. 24013012 より:

    I was imprressed by your speech and this article. I could understand this terrirism. I never forget that day.

  6. 24012429 より:

    After reading your articles, I think 911 is a terrible incident.
    And, we should in no case forget the tragedy.
    We must try for the world peace.