3023 Tragic incident

I was still a second grade in elementary school at the time of “911”. I thought that it was the news happening in the film. I remember that almost three thousand people were killed in the incident in no time and many people mourned the deaths.

 I was anxious that a big war might break out when the main offenders turned out to be Islamic terrorists. After all, it’s very disappointing that Iraq war should have broken out because of the incident. I think that there were better ways besides Iraq war.

It is too bad that America government tends to resort to violence. From now on, it is necessary to change such a character of the Republican Party.

Though there were a lot of tragic events after 9.11, the project is planned to build a new building on the site of the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in 2013. I hope that this project is the first step to a bright future for America and the bereaved family while we never forget “9.11”.

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  1. 24013026 より:

    Your sentence is wonderful! I want to tell me, how to write good sentence of English. I don’t forget the sad incident.

  2. 24013003 より:

    Your speech is very nice! I want to speak English more fluently.
    We must not forget 911.

  3. 24013003 より:

    You think very much about this incident and the war.
    I think the wars are not to be occured. We must not occur the wars.

  4. 24013037 より:

    I agree with you, we must not forget about 911.
    I thought it strongly while I was reading your article.
    Your article is clear to understand.

  5. 24013021 より:

    I think your opinion is very good! I think we never forget this incident, but they should not leave the vacant lot where the Twin Towers used to be.