3037 – My Impression of 911

September 11th each year in New York, the atmospheres of the city and the citizens get strict automatically. They remember the worst day ever. They have never forgotten the moment.
On September 11th in 2001, when I was seven years old, the incident occurred. I still remember the days when I saw  it on the TV. I saw people screaming and running away from the huge buildings but I couldn’t understand what happened.

Even if the incident is too complicated to understand, I assert it’s not a good reason ignoring the international relations and situations. I need to be ashamed of not knowing well about 911. I’ll try to learn further about the international problems.

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  1. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is so clear to read. I also remember the days clearly I saw 9.11 on the TV. And, I did not know this biggest terrorist incident very much. So, I think that this lesson is so good opportunity to know about 9.11.

  2. 24013024 より:

    When I was young, 911 happened, and I remember that 911 was a very big incident.
    It was thought that what is known since various international situations are concerned with the big incident was very important.
    It consents to your opinion.

  3. 24013029 より:

    I was also about age,when the incident happened.
    And I remember it very much. I felt fear.
    I’ll also try to learn further about the international problems.