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The 11th of September, 2001. Two airplanes crashed the Twin Towers in New York. In those days I was seven years old, so I couldn’t understand everything. I only remembered the buildings broke into pieces.
The 9.11 brought about the War in Iraq. Why did the incident break out? People have different opinions. Some say that the incident was caused by Al-Qaeda and the others claim it was by the American Government. However, everything is an impracticable theory, so we can’t find the truth. “9.11” was a very sad incident, but I can’t accept Iraq War. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” This proverb makes more and more sorrows. Recently, I heard the news that America will make another war. I hate the wars. I don’t want wars to break out. We never forget the day of 9.11.

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  1. 24013014 より:

    The 9.11 is an important event in history. It is said that history repeats itself. But we must not repeat the incident.

  2. 24013003 より:

    I hate the wars,too. I can’t understand why people make wars.
    We have to think about the peace of the world.

  3. 24013004 より:

    911 is a very sad incident. Many people were sacrifised in the terorism.
    I don’t want wars to break out, too.
    So, we never forget 911.

  4. 24013025 より:

    I was examined urban legend of 9.11. There was a variety of theories. I want to know the truth.

  5. 24013021 より:

    I think this insident couse big impact all over the world. I think we never forget this insident and must pass it coming ages.