3018 About 911

Today, I want to talk about 911. Until now, I was not interested in 911, and I didn`t know about this incident very much. Recently, I knew this incident in detail. And I examined the misery of 911 for the first time.

The 911 was a seriously of four coordinated terrorist attacks launched by the Al Qaeda in the New York city and Washington, D. C. on Tuesday, September eleven 2001.

This incident caused much sadness. U.S. economy became the worst situation temporarily.  The sadness still remains in some victims and their families.

I thought that 911 was a very sad incident and must never be forgotten. And I want you never to forget this sad incident.

Thank you for listening.

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  1. 24013019 より:

    Your English is marvelous, so I , it was very easy for me to listen.
    And we ought to think about what should we do for future.

  2. 24013005 より:

    It is very fantastic text!
    I moved to read it.
    He is genius!
    Thank you!

  3. 24013006 より:

    This text is genius.
    This news made me sad, too.
    I never to forget this sad incident.

  4. 24013010 より:

    Your sentence is so good!
    But your English pronunciation is not so good.

  5. 24013011 より:

    I think we should think about 911 again.
    And we don’t forget 911.
    When reading your sentence, I do think so…