3029 About 9.11


 When I was a primary schoolchild, day after day many news programs broadcasted pictures about tall buildings which were crashing down.

  These pictures depicted 9.11.  This is an incident where four planes were hijacked by some criminals one after another and many people became victims on September 11th 2001 in the USA.

  These incidents disrupted not only the USA but also the world, and gave huge physical and mental damage. 

  The USA government concluded that these actions were caused by Al-Qaeda.  But today there is some conspiracy theory of 9.11 attacks.  And the truth of this trouble hasn’t been revealed.

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  1. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is so clear to read. So, I could understand this article and these incidents very much. And, I hope that the truth of this trouble will be revealed.

  2. myasudakg より:

    Do not spread the same comments all over. Please delete the comments of the same wording. You shall receive no credit if you do know follow my instructions!! It is not really ethical to post the same comments to your classmates.
    Chao, MY
    Nice articles!
    I understood better.
    I hope that this incident never happens.

  3. 24013036 より:

    No one can know truth. But I want to believe that such theories aren’t
    truth. Maybe, we must not reveal it. Because people are better off believing that 911 is terrorism.

  4. 24013037 より:

    I read your article and it was clear to understand.
    I hope such a terrible accident will never happen.
    And I will try to learn about it well.

  5. 24013039 より:

    As her saying, because of this incident, many people were injured and died.
    Not only a physical damage, but also a mental damage.
    American government should clear this incident.

  6. 24013031 より:

    When 911 happened, I was seven years old. So I don’t remember very much.
    You say the truth we think isn’t maybe right. I want to know truth!