3010 9.11

I would like to talk about a conspiracy theory of 9.11. Two sets of passenger planes crashed into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. And twin towers collapsed. At the time of this incident, almost everyone accepted this fact. However, specialists said that a passenger plane couldn’t destroy towers. And they claimed that World Trade Center was exploded with explosives. World Trade Center was strongly constructed against such a crash of a passenger plane. Furthermore, many persons who were in the neighborhood those days heard the explosion. Even now, there are many people who advocate such a conspiracy theory.

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  1. 24013013 より:

    This incident surprise people in the world.
    I think passengers was so terrible in plane.

  2. 24013011 より:

    I also think 911 might be a conspiracy.
    I was so sad to happen such a cruel.

  3. 24013002 より:

    I found conspiracy theory too.
    So I support your essay very much.

  4. 24013018 より:

    911 is very sad incident, and must not forget.
    Your sentence is very easy to understand.
    Thank you.

  5. 24013005 より:

    This text is very exciting.
    And meaningful.
    Thank you.