3002 Plots behind 9.11

I didn’t know about 9.11 very much so I investigated it. Then I found that 9.11 attacks may have been plotted. I found two possible plots. One is the American government ignored the terrorist warning. The other is the terrorism was the American government’s own work.
In both theories, the American government plotted that incident on purpose. It is amazing that a lot of people were killed for government’s own benefit. Why the American government did that? Everyone can’t tell the truth. What is clear is the fact that the accident killed more than 3,000 people.

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  1. 24013013 より:

    I don’t know two plots about 9.11.
    Two plots are so terrible!!!

  2. 24013006 より:

    I was alarmed that there are two plots about 9.11.
    This made me angry.

  3. 24013011 より:

    I also study about plots on 911!
    But your text is different from mine.
    I’m interested in this kind of plots!

  4. 24013010 より:

    I support your opinion.
    I also think that 9.11 is intrigues.

  5. 24013016 より:

    There were many things which I do not know.
    Are conspiracy theories the truth?