3025 9.11

I examined the urban legend of the terrorist attacks that occurred in 2001 in the United States. According to urban legend, it is said that in the U.S. dollar bills, how the Trade Center collapsed by terrorism is depicted. The dollar bills are $ 5 bills, $ 10 bills, $ 20 bills, and $ 100 bills. Fold like a paper airplane this bill, are arranged. Then, we see the price of the dollar becomes higher, Trade Center looks like collapsing. Is this a coincidence?

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  1. 24013021 より:

    Do you mean a lot of bill fell from sky when the airplane crashed into the building? If this urban legend is truth, 9.11 is very mysterious incident!
    Your story was very interesting, thank you!

  2. 24013026 より:

    This incident was very sad thing. We never forget about this incident.
    Your topic is interesting. You have new angle about 9.11.

  3. 24013014 より:

    This urban legend ran rampant in Japan. I half-listened to it at that time. But now I throw a new look at it. There’s no smoke without fire. Maybe there are something that we don’t know.

  4. 24013003 より:

    I didn’t know that. This incident has many mysterious points. I want to know the detail of this incident.

  5. 24013012 より:

    Your topic is interesting. This incident was very sad thing. we never forget this affair.