3016 September 11 Attacks

911 was the worst attack to the American country. Approximately 3,000 people were killed. Because this attack happened on September 11, we call it 911. I understand that two airplanes attacked the huge buildings but at a glance I could not tell what happened . The two hijacked airplanes flew into the twin towers. Many people rescued injured people from the World Trade Center. Afterwards, many volunteers went to the United States from all over the world.I think that this is one of the cruelest incidents and this matter must not be repeated.

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  1. 24013013 より:

    This sentense is so good!
    I think that this is one of the cruelest incidents too.

  2. 24013018 より:

    Hello Higashine!
    Your sentence is very good and easy to understand.
    Your idea is very fantastic.

  3. 24013011 より:

    I think 911 was the worst terrorism in the world.
    We must not forget 911.
    We should think over 911 again…

  4. 24013010 より:

    Your sentence is too clearly to me understand.
    I think that this incident is conspiracy.

  5. 24013005 より:

    I think that your opinion is wonderful.
    You are smart man.
    Thank you.