3031 In 2020

           In 2020, the year of the Tokyo Olympics will be taken place; I will be 26 years old.  Probably I will work hard for the society and make money to go to Tokyo to watch the Tokyo Olympics. I’m looking forward to watching games!  By the way, now, I want to be a public prosecutor in the future, so I hope that my dream will come true by 2020.        

           In 2020, a lot of things will changed, but I want Japanese government to keep Japan peacefull.

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  1. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is clear to read. So, I could understand very much. I also have a dream. So, I hope that our dreams will come true by 2020.

  2. 24012429 より:

    After reading your sentence, I think you are very earnest. we are looking forward to the Olympic games held in Tokyo in 2020. And, I hope that your dreams come true.

  3. 24013026 より:

    “I want to be a public prosecutor in the future.” Your dream is cool and nice.
    I hope that your dream will come true. I’m looking forward to be held Olympics in Tokyo, too.

  4. 24013036 より:

    I hope to watch the Olimpic games too.
    And I hope to work in Tokyo.
    So maybe I will see you.

  5. 24013039 より:

    I will also go to Tokyo to observe Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020. If we are lucky, we may meet by chance. I hope that your dream comes true.