3003 My Hope for 2020

I will be busy with my job in this year.

I want to be an officer of a court of law. To get this job, I have to pass the examination. I will study a lot during my university life, and get the job.

Also, I want to travel abroad while I am young. I have never traveled abroad. Every time I saw pictures of beautiful places in a foreign country, I wished I would be there. Especially I want to go to Europe.

I will enjoy my own life. Thank you for your listening.

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  1. 24013026 より:

    I hear that an officer of a court of law’s examination is difficult.
    However , you never give up. I want to cheer for your dream.
    Also, I want to go to Europe, Let’s go trip together someday.

  2. 24013014 より:

    You have a grand dream of the future. And you understand what should you do for your dream. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  3. 24012429 より:

    You have a vision of your future.
    I think it is great to consider what you want to be in the future.
    In addition, traveling abroad is good idea to reconsider yourself.
    I wish you good luck to realize big dreams.

  4. 24013025 より:

    I also have an interest in the work of the court. To take the qualification is very much, let’s work hard together. Please tell us your impressions of overseas travel.

  5. 24013021 より:

    Your dream is very nice! I cheer for you to rearise your dream!
    I also want to go to Europe. How about do you go to France?