3014 Dream forward to 2020

I was born and raised in the time called lost two decades. I don’t know once-great economy. So I can’t imagine my bright future.

In 2020, if everything goes well, I will be 26 years old and I will be working. How will the Japanese economy be by that time? I hope that the economy conditions will be improving.

I want less. That is I want to live a small life. And I have a goal to settle down and raise a family by 2020. In order to realize these two dreams of mine, I wish my country to be a peaceful nation.

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  1. 24013003 より:

    I hope so, too. I want to enjoy my life without worrying too much.
    I wish this world to be peaceful world!

  2. 24013026 より:

    I want to work hard, enjoy my life! I want to be greedy person.
    However, your idea is nice,too. I will have second thought about my life.
    “I want less.”,this expression is marvelous. I want to follow expression of yours.

  3. 24013025 より:

    I also want to have a nice home after seven years. Now the economy is very bad. I hope to get better after seven years.

  4. 24013012 より:

    I think that your idea is nice. You have concrete schedule. I look up to you.