3029Pride of Japan

There are good things in Japan.

First, it is often said that there are four seasons in Japan. We can enjoy autumn colored leaves, winter mountains with a layer of snow and spring cherry blossoms.

Second, there is a notion called “wabisabi” in Japanese mind.  Wabisabi of the highest value aimed for traditional Japanese arts, particularly the tea ceremony and haiku.  These cultures are very beautiful and the pride of our country. 

When the Olympic games are held in Tokyo in 2020, many foreign people will come Japan and they will be moved by many Japanese cultures.

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  1. 24013017 より:

    I like “wabisabi.” Four seasons have various interesting points and I often enjoy watching colored leaves, cherry blossoms, and so on. I want foreigners to feel these beautiful culture.

  2. 24013001 より:

    Your sentence is very good. So, I could understand very much.
    I also think that Japan has good cultures. And, I have a pride of our country. So, I hope that many foreign people will be moved by Japanese cultures.

  3. 24013004 より:

    Japan has many good things. And I also like four seasons and “wabisabi”.
    Japanese cultures are very beautiful and the pride of our country.
    So, we should value them.

  4. 24013005 より:

    As I read this text, I know Japanese beautiful culture over again.
    Im glad to read this great text.
    Thank you so much.