2020 3020

I think that whatever we do, we should set our goal high.

My target is being able to perform a presentation in English by 2020. My English, now, is very clumsy.

However, I have many opportunities to study English. For example, I can attend classes if I go to a university, and I can buy books written in English, if I go to a bookstore. I can speak English well by 2020 using many opportunities.

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  1. 24013017 より:

    I understand you want to use English more. I want you to use opportunities well and to get the skill of English.

  2. 24013039 より:

    We are in the blessed environment. I think that there are no other countries better than Japan. So it is hoped your English skill improves.

  3. 24013019 より:

    I think that your idea is nice. You have concrete schedule. I look up to you.

  4. 24013012 より:

    I think that I want you to speak English well, so I am fiiled with a sense of afinity. Your idea is nice!