3026The national character of Japan

What kind of image of Japan do you have? For example, samurai, Mt.Fuji, cherry blossoms and so on. Japan has a lot of nature and historical things. However, this time I want to talk about the national character.
Generally speaking, the Japanese are a peace-loving people, so we avoid struggles. Now, we don’t like to resolve international conflicts by force nor arms. We don’t kindle another country’s flag. I think that we have a spirit of selfless hospitality. For example, almost lost articles can return to an owner. I have lost my pass case twice. Someone brought to the office of lost articles. In foreign countries, lost articles seldom return to an owner. Japan is safer than others countries.
However, Japanese are difficult to express their opinions to others. In an international conference, Japan receives the least amount of praise in the world. We Japanese need to push themselves about the power of voice. If Japan remarks actively, the world will change something.

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  1. 24013014 より:

    Consideration is a basic factor in politeness. And we can show the virtue of modesty naturally. This is our strong point. We should take pride in being Japanese.

  2. 24013004 より:

    Read your article, I could understand about the national character of Japan.
    Japan has a lot of nature and historical things. And Japanese mind is beautiful.
    So, we have to have a pride as a Japanese.

  3. 24013003 より:

    I think Japanese people have many good points. But Japanese people have to tell others what do they think. Japanese people have many points to change.

  4. 24013025 より:

    I agree very much for your opinion. I see a lot about fear of strangers, such as the Japanese TV recently. I also so shy, I want to be is out in front more.

  5. 24013031 より:

    I feel that you are good at English, so I understood well.
    It is hard for Japaneses to express their thinkings, I think , too.
    We need to overcome ttis quickly!

  6. 24013036 より:

    I think so.
    Japan is the rare country that lost articles return to an owner.
    The Japanese hospitality is not normal in the world.