3011 – In 2020 What Will I Do?

  In 2020, what will I do?  I don’t know of course.  But I will graduate from university, and I will work busily.  I think I would not be married yet.  I hope I will be able to speak English well.  And I want to go to Tokyo and see Olympic games there with my colleagues or friends.  I want to go abroad in business in private.  I want to visit many places and see many people and culture.  Such an experience will be useful for me.  Anyway, I would be an international man in 2020.

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  1. 24012429 より:

    Being successful on a global scale is an important thing. So, I think visiting many places all over the world is a valuable experience. I want you to do your best heading towards your dream.

  2. 24013018 より:

    Oh! Your sentence is very good.
    And easy to understand.
    I am looking forward to your future.

  3. 24013005 より:

    His dream is so big.
    He is so great person.
    I want him to realize his dream.

  4. 24013016 より:

    I also want to be able to speak English in the future.
    Let’s work hard together.

  5. 24013006 より:

    I want you to get married.
    And, I want to see your wife.
    You will be an internatinal man.