3012 2020

In 2020, Japan will host Summer Olympic Games. Naturally, many people will visit Japan from all over the world. Then, I would like to work as a volunteer for them. Since Kyoto is very popular and famous, many of them will come to Kansai area. I would like them to enjoy their stay here. So, I would like to register as a volunteer guide and introduce our culture especially Japanese food for them. That means I must study English harder.

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  1. 24013014 より:

    You will take part in Tokyo Olympic Games as a volunteer. Volunteer work is really quite a great instrument in learning new skills. I wish you the best of luck with everything.

  2. 24013003 より:

    Wonderful! Your work as a volunteer guide makes foreign people happy. Do your best!

  3. 24013025 より:

    I did not know that you are thinking you want to be a volunteer guide. Not in Kansai me after seven years. But I hope your happiness.

  4. 24013021 より:

    Your idea is very good! I don’t have thought like you. I think volunteer guides will be very busy in 2020. Fight your work!

  5. 24013020 より:

    I like Japanese food too. Your idea is very nice.
    Working as a volunteer for them is interesting.
    I study English too.