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0149 Escape from the Amazon

2010 年 10 月 26 日 火曜日

One day, Carl, Marcus, Kevin, Yossi adventured in Amazon. Four men troubled, Carl who is guide injured his leg. And he cannot walk. They don’t know how to escape and have knowledge. They make up their mind to across the river. But there are two way, walking and rafting. Their ideas have divided. However they have to decide to act one way.

0149 English and Myself

2010 年 6 月 14 日 月曜日

              I don’t like leaning English. However, I have no special reasons. I am not good at English. So I dislike English. There are two personal reasons .

              First, I was often told by teachers and parents, “You need English skills in your life. If you do not study English, you cannot work in the society in the future.” But I wonder how many people who mastered English are in Japan. I think there are little people like people who mastered English in Japan. If we really need English skills, we have to study more. I think Education of English in Japan is vague.

              Second, I haven’t met a good English teacher so far. You might say that I don’t have a motivation. But a role of good teacher is very important for beginners. I felt happy when I begin to study German newly because a German teacher is very good. When I was a junior high student, I didn’t understand the difference of meaning between “thing” and “think”. Unlike math and Japanese, English is not easy to understand for me.

              I lost an interest in English for these reasons. I think the way to start and how to learn are important.

0149 Auxiliary equipment of assistance.

2010 年 5 月 10 日 月曜日

              I will talk you about auxiliary equipment of wheel chair.  Though the wheelchair is an assistance tool, it has room for improvement in daily life because the wheelchair is assuming use in the plain. Then, I would like to introduce that it is auxiliary equipments that the wheelchair can use besides the plain. 

              First, it is lift arm. This auxiliary equipment can go over dump and ditch without borrowing other’s power by using a pendulum arm.

               Second, it is a backing prevention equipment. In slopes, when user rotates the handrim, the wheel of the wheelchair rotates backward and is very dangerous. This equipment prevents a rear rotation of the tire. If user had separated his hand from the handrim, it never falls backward. So user can climb the slope safely.

               The user becomes possible to act independently voluntarily without receiving the help through these auxiliary equipment. In addition, various effects are expected that the load of the family and those who help diminish,etc. Spread is desired by such point in the future.Thank you for listening.

8752-Escape from Amazon

2009 年 1 月 8 日 木曜日


In the deep jungle of Amazon, four men: Carl, Kevin, Marks and Yossiy are exploring.


They have lost their way. So, they are drifting on the raft in the river. Kevin is a leader in this group. They had to find the way to escape from this crisis to survive.

Curl is a guide in the deep jungle of Amazon. Marks wounded his foot in the accident so that they have to make a decision to get out of the jungle with him or without him .


Carl suggested they should walk by the canyon to the village in Amazon .But  the other option is to descend the river on the raft. Kevin and Yossiy have to make a tough decision of these two options

Grading 911 blogs – 10.15.08

2008 年 10 月 15 日 水曜日
Grading students’ blogs – 10.15.08
It really takes time to comment to students’ blogs:
Only 6 students, but it has taken more than 2 hours to read and comment!

A lst of finished oral presentations on 911 and threads that received comments by the instructor, on 10/14/08 in class:

3rd period: 8776, 8782, 8777
4th period: 8721 (comments pending as of 21:00, finished comment posting at 2:00 AM)
Please do not re-edit the threads above, especially, as to keep the original to which comments of suggestions for further revisions were posted. Please, instead, post a new thread with a new title post fixed with either ‘-(2)’ or ‘-2′, thanks. Boy, it takes time to post comments! for grading. MY